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Enforcer - Blood Of The Martyrs

Stormtroop 16

Debut CD from Enforcer entitled "Blood Of The Martyrs" is available now at Get Some 88!


Stormtroop 16 - Labeled Racially Deranged

Stormtroop 16


"This is the re-press of the German legal album entitled, "Braces Up, Straight Laces Up". We changed the lyrics back to their rightful hate filled aggression. An Agression that the German government would not accept. We even spiced it up with all new lead tracks and vocals (obvisiously if we changed the lyrics back). On top of that, we even threw in some old tracks, including covers, and the long awaited tribute song "Valhalla Bound", dedicated to our fallen brother Brian Sawyer-Haggerty."

- Stormtroop 16

Labeled Racially Deranged is available at GET SOME 88.

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